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The plugin that displays the Facebook Like Button in your Joomla site articles. The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your website.

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Plugin featuresFree VersionPro Version
The URL to like. Specify or leave it empty to use the URL of the article. checkbox checkbox
Include a Send button. The Send Button is available only on sites that use the JavaScript SDK. checkbox checkbox
Layout Style - Determines the size and amount of social context next to the button. There are three options. checkbox checkbox
Show Faces - Specifies whether to display profile photos below the button (standard layout only). checkbox checkbox
The width of the plugin in pixels. checkbox checkbox
The height of the plugin in pixels (iframe only). checkbox checkbox
The verb to display in the button. Currently only 'like' and 'recommend' are supported. checkbox checkbox
The font of the plugin. Options: 'arial', 'lucida grande', 'segoe ui', 'tahoma', 'trebuchet ms', 'verdana'. checkbox checkbox
The color scheme of the plugin. Options: 'light', 'dark'. checkbox checkbox
Default image for Frontpage (Featured in Joomla 1.6/1.7), Section (Joomla 1.5) and Category views, and articles without any images. checkbox checkbox
The option to use the default image even for pages (articles) with their own images. checkbox checkbox
Show in one Category or many Categories. checkbox checkbox
IDs list of excluded articles. checkbox checkbox
Positions of the button in an article - One or more from the list: 'none', 'placeholder {fblike }','placeholder {fblike2 } - independent of parameters such as Categories and IDs of excluded articles', 'before the content', 'top of the content', 'bottom of the content', 'after the content'. (*) checkbox checkbox
The alignment of the button in an article. Options: 'left', 'right', 'center', 'none'. checkbox checkbox
The possibility to use a custom CSS class for the plugin. crossbox checkbox
Show or hide the button in Frontpage articles. (Featured articles in Joomla 1.6/1.7). checkbox checkbox
Show or hide the button in Section view Layout. (in Joomla 1.5) checkbox checkbox
Show or hide the button in Category view Layout. checkbox checkbox
iframe or XFBML plugin code - XFBML is more flexible than iframes, but requires use the JavaScript SDK. checkbox checkbox
Specify the transfer protocol for use in URL of articles and images. Options: 'always http', 'always https', 'current (http or https)'. crossbox checkbox
The option to specify a domain name for use in URL of articles and images. It's usefull when there are many domains (e.g. www.domain.com, www.domain.ue, ...) for the same content but you want to count them together. crossbox checkbox
Users forum checkbox checkbox
Help desk crossbox checkbox
Price Free 4.99 USD
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(*) Use { fblike} or {fblike2 } tags inside articles for Facebook Like Button placeholder:

· {fblike } - to use URL of the article.

· {fblike href="http://www.domain.com/article_adres" } - to specify URL to like. Use | instead of " in Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5.



Nurte Facebook Like Button Images Nurte Facebook Like Button Images